Lamp by Chifen Cheng

Chifen Cheng Creates The Focal Point Lamp

Chifen Cheng, the maker of the highlighted design Award Winning Focal Point Lamp explains, Focal Point Lamp is a source of illumination that serves many purposes. This lighting fixture combines a white-milky porcelain cube swiveling around a solid co <Cropped>

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Residential House by Studio Toggle Architects

Studio Toggle Architects Shares The F.lot Residential House

Studio Toggle Architects, the author of the highlighted design F.lot by Studio Toggle Architects says, The F.LOT house is a minimal composition of 2 seemingly floating masses intersecting at right angles. The house is dominated by a 5m cantilever whi <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Heron Adjustable Lighting Fixture

Acclaimed Designer Designs The Heron Adjustable Lighting Fixture

The thinktank behind the awarded design Adjustable lighting fixture:Heron by Acclaimed Designer spells out, The Heron is an adjustable lighting fixture which can adopt several positions just by moving the three hinging elements. Depending the shaped <Cropped>

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Strolling in The Woods by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Strolling in The Woods Guild Hall

The creator of the highlighted design Strolling in the Woods - Guild Hall by Acclaimed Designer spells out, The reception center designed under the concept of the symbiosis of man and nature forms the image of “strolling in the woods” through the <Cropped>

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Book:250 Years of Stories by Omdesign

Omdesign Exhibits The 250 Years of Stories Book

Omdesign, the maker of the awarded work 250 years of stories - Book by Omdesign demonstrates, 250 years of stories, signed by Omdesign, celebrates and portrays 250 years of Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo history, located in the heart of the <Cropped>

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Sahar Madanat Haddad's Pushpin Tray

Sahar Madanat Haddad Shows The Pushpin Tray

Sahar Madanat Haddad, the lead designer of the award winning project Sahar Madanat Haddad's PushPin Tray explicates, PushPin Tray allows a user to place anything on it, and it will hold it in place. A grid of pins compress down when something is <Cropped>

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Torino Outlet Village by Claudio Silvestrin

Claudio Silvestrin Creates The Torino Outlet Village Retail Store

Claudio Silvestrin, the creator of the displayed design Retail Store:Torino Outlet Village by Claudio Silvestrin says, Torino Outlet Village is a 32,000 sqm street-level, open-air development. The assertive horizontality of the outlet makes it visual <Cropped>

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Set of Eating Plates:miznica by Branka Urbanija

Branka Urbanija Designs The Miznica Set of Eating Plates

Branka Urbanija , the author of the award winning work Branka Urbanija 's Miznica Set of eating plates spells out, A new and inovative way of serving food. Multifunctionality is the main idea - many combinations allowing different layouts and d <Cropped>

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Furniture Design Awards

Designers of Furniture and Home Accessories Can Now Take Part of The a' Furniture, Homeware and Decor Items Design Competition!

Whether you are an accomplished furniture designer whose designs have been realized or just beginning at the concept stage of furniture design, you should take part in the A' Furniture, Homeware, and Decor Items Design Competition. This competit <Cropped>

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Luminaire:estelle by Vanory

Vanory Designs The Estelle Luminaire

vanory, the creative mind behind the displayed design Luminaire:Estelle by vanory spells out, Estelle combines classic design in the form of a cylindrical, handmade glass body with innovative lighting technology that produces three-dimensional lighti <Cropped>

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