Set of Eating Plates:miznica by Branka Urbanija

Branka Urbanija Designs The Miznica Set of Eating Plates

Branka Urbanija , the author of the award winning work Branka Urbanija 's Miznica Set of eating plates spells out, A new and inovative way of serving food. Multifunctionality is the main idea - many combinations allowing different layouts and d <Cropped>

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Furniture Design Awards

Designers of Furniture and Home Accessories Can Now Take Part of The a' Furniture, Homeware and Decor Items Design Competition!

Whether you are an accomplished furniture designer whose designs have been realized or just beginning at the concept stage of furniture design, you should take part in the A' Furniture, Homeware, and Decor Items Design Competition. This competit <Cropped>

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Luminaire:estelle by Vanory

Vanory Designs The Estelle Luminaire

vanory, the creative mind behind the displayed design Luminaire:Estelle by vanory spells out, Estelle combines classic design in the form of a cylindrical, handmade glass body with innovative lighting technology that produces three-dimensional lighti <Cropped>

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Website by Diavelo

Diavelo Reveals The Pininfarina Evoluzione Website

Diavelo, the thinktank behind the award winning design Website:Pininfarina Evoluzione by Diavelo explicates, The Pininfarina Evoluzione website is designed in a unique and different way from how the bike industry usually makes websites. The main focu <Cropped>

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Fun Paradise-Multiple Academic Functions by Yanming Yin

Yanming Yin Spotlights The Fun Paradise Multiple Academic Functions

Yanming Yin, the lead designer of the highlighted design Multiple academic functions:Fun Paradise by Yanming Yin spells out, The Zhuoyu Pavilion is an innovative project. It intends to build an additional third space beyond the typical classroom and <Cropped>

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Award Winning Decaffeinator Planter

Pearl Kraft & Katie Mccann Illustrates The Decaffeinator Planter

Pearl Kraft & Katie McCann, the architect of the highlighted design Planter:Decaffeinator by Pearl Kraft & Katie McCann explains, Decaffeinator is a simple solution to problem of household urban waste, by storing coffee waste and reusing it <Cropped>

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Biometric Camera by Travis Baldwin

Travis Baldwin Portrays The Argus Biometric Camera

Travis Baldwin, the author of the highlighted project Biometric Camera by Travis Baldwin says, Argos was created as a low cost alternative to more expensive biometric solutions or staffed checkpoints. It's made for locations where laptops or alt <Cropped>

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Bracelet by Meng Zhang

Meng Zhang Portrays The Thetis Bracelet

Meng Zhang, the architect of the displayed design Meng Zhang's Thetis Bracelet points out, The elegant bracelet explores how jewellery transfers intangible movement of nature creatures, into tangible forms for this increasingly standardized worl <Cropped>

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Designed Objects:the Fig Leaves Collection by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The The Fig Leaves Collection Designed Objects

The creator of the displayed design Designed Objects by Acclaimed Designer says, Fig trees fascinate me, whenever I looked inside one I became a child who wants to play. This happy energy extended my imagination beyond what is grown in nature. It pro <Cropped>

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Interface and Interaction Design by Ken Nakagaki-Tangible Media Group

Ken Nakagaki-Tangible Media Group Discloses The Lineform Interface and Interaction Design

Ken Nakagaki - Tangible Media Group, the lead designer of the displayed project Ken Nakagaki - Tangible Media Group's LineFORM Interface and Interaction Design explains, We propose a novel concept of shape changing interface using the form “Li <Cropped>

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